Want to gift different this Christmas and find gifts that aren’t the same old, same old? Look no further. We have the answers, well questions, to help you give prezzies that are unique, thoughtful and anything but dull...

Become a Christmas-gifting pro with 10 questions to ask your loved ones. We developed them with top behavioural scientists and psychologists (yes, really!) so you can truly get to know your recipient. Are you ready to switch off autopilot and Gift Different with TK Maxx this Christmas? Good. Now put down the panettone and read on to become a world-class gifter.

Top Gifting Ideas

  • #GiftDifferent

    Gift way better than they were expecting
  • Gifts for Her

    Shop for the ooohs, aaahs and grins so big they hurt
  • Gifts for Him

    Think outside the Christmas gift box…
  • Gifts for Kids

    Top prezzies to outdo Santa