Kids' Holidays Entertainment Ideas

Nobody requires their imagination quite like a parent stuck indoors with their kids. You’ll be glad to hear then that come rain or shine, we’re full of bright ideas to keep kids of all ages entertained both in the house and garden. From tiny adventurers to literary lovers, wannabe movie moguls and artists in the making, we’ve got plenty of inspiration during these difficult times to ensure you’ll never have to hear the words “I’m bored” ever again. (Well, hopefully…)


Edible dramatics

Make a dazzling stage out of an unwanted cardboard box and add fabric curtains if you have the time (or patience), as it’s time to re-enact your family’s favourite films using good ol’ fruit and veg. Think Ana and Elsa played by a pair of wonky carrots and a trio of minions made out of potatoes. Add some wobbly eyes and wool for hair and hey presto, it’s play time…

Acting up

Get your whole family (yes, even the dog) to act out your favourite fictional scenes. It’s time to think outside the dressing up box, so get those creative thinking hats on and source any household items you can find to help you set that scene. You can be an animal, an object or even a song from your favourite movie. Try your hand at a bit of method acting and mimic facial expressions, their walk and even the way they talk. Popcorn at the ready…

Satsuma snooker

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Find yourself a tablecloth (perhaps not Nan’s finest), throw it over the dining table, stick four paper cups onto the four corners with Sellotape and et voila, a homemade snooker table. Now all that’s left to do is see who can pot the most satsumas. Winner wins…well, a load of satsumas we’re guessing.

Tik Tok-off

Who’d have ever thought an app would help keep your family fit, eh? It’s time to see what all the hype is about and get the family involved in a TikTok video. You’ll be spoilt for choice with viral dance after viral dance doing the rounds, so decide on a favourite, round up your current household and nail that synchronised dance routine. Who knows, you might even go viral!

Tea, cake, Maxx

Did somebody say banana loaf? Nope, sorry, not us. We’re more interested in what’s the weirdest thing you can make from cake sponge? A millennium falcon for example. We’ve seen the weird, the wonderful, and frankly brilliant bakes on Instagram and now we’d love to see your family’s creations. Don’t be a stranger and share your bonkers bakes with us on social media. Hint hint: red velvet is our fave for obvious reasons (psst, have you seen our logo?).


Make like you’re a street entertainer. Learn to juggle with balls of socks, oranges, apples, Mum’s favourite candle? Ok, ok, the last one was a joke. The crazier, the more fun. Start off small with two, before introducing a third (or fourth if you’re feeling brave). Once you’ve mastered the fine art of juggling, it’s time to show off those skills on a Zoom call with the whole fam. Lucky them.

A ‘treasure’ hunt

If you have a garden of your own, why not create a check list for your little ones to find a number of nature’s finest? We’re talking pine cones, a six legged creepy crawly, a four-leaf clover and hopefully a butterfly or two. Alternatively you can bring the treasure hunt indoors by hiding cryptic clues in the furniture, nooks and crannies encouraged. It’s no secret that we all love a good ol’ treasure hunt at TK Maxx now, is it?


We’ll admit, a times table book isn’t the most inviting of reads, but it’s important to mix in a pinch of education during play time. Luckily you can find a host of online and interactive maths games to make formulas FUN (oh yes, you ‘erd!) For an even sneakier trick, track down some animal or travelling documentaries that’ll have them clued up on a real life Jumanji.