We are passionate about working to make a positive, sustainable impact on the world in which we live and conduct our business. We’ve long been committed to pursuing initiatives that are good for the environment and smart for our business. We continuously look for ways to minimise our impact on the planet.


To do this we will continue to reduce our GHG emissions which by implementing energy efficiency initiatives and purchasing renewable energy for our stores, offices, and processing centres. Any remaining operational emissions will be compensated by taking additional steps, which may include an equivalent amount of (high-quality) carbon offsets or use of other technologies.

*TJX Europe scope1&2


Carbon Footprint

Globally, TJX is working towards achieving our global science-based emissions-reduction target – which is a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from our direct operations by fiscal 2030 against a baseline year of fiscal 2017. In addition, in Europe, we have a new path to achieve a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in our European operations.

TJX Europe have maintained the Carbon Trust Standard since 2009 which recognises our year-on-year efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

100% of the electricity purchased across UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland is now renewable.

  • Reducing Waste

    We have a zero waste to landfill target. All waste from stores and operations is sent to be recycled. 94% of this is diverted from landfill and we’re working on the rest.
  • Recycling Clothes

    We have recycled 1.7 million bags of clothing through Give up Clothes for Good since 2004 which equates to 8800 metric tonnes diverted from landfill and a reduction of 198,900 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency



Since 2018 our store energy efficiency lighting program has been replacing inefficient lighting technologies with LED lighting in all new and remodelled stores and our PCs, on average delivering 65% more efficiency and reducing our energy consumption in each store by 42%. LED lighting installations have now been completed in our PC’s and in a majority of our store estate in Europe.


With our logistics partners we look to maximize the utilisation of our vehicles and to help manage delivery routes more efficiently, offering driver education and investing in technologies like vehicle tracking.

BRC Climate Action Roadmap

TK Maxx and Homesense are supporting the BRC Climate Action Roadmap which is bringing together UK retailers to collaborate and reduce the impact of retail on the environment. The roadmap sets out how the UK retail industry can work together with its partners and supply chains to become a net zero industry, ahead of the government’s 2050 target. By 2040, the plan aims for customers to be able to buy products knowing that they are not contributing to climate change.

Reducing Plastic Use and Waste

We’re investing in projects to help reduce plastic use and waste.

  • The Ocean Cleanup

    We’re supporting The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation with a mission to clean the world’s oceans of plastic. They expect to clean up to 50% of plastic every five years, leading to more than a 90% reduction of pollution levels by 2040 (since 2018).
  • The Plastic Collective

    The Plastic Collective turns plastic waste into income for Pacific Island communities, creating employment by training them to operate the machinery. We’ve funded two shruder machines in Bali to help recycle plastic waste and help create valuable income.
  • Neighbourly

    Through our partnership, we’re supporting environmental and clean-up initiatives in our UK local communities. Funds donated have enabled 2000 environmental and clean-up schemes, involving 43,000 people and resulting in 103 tons of litter and waste removed
  • Hubbub

    We’ve joined forces with environmental behaviour change charity, Hubbub, to fund their Plastic Pioneers Project. This supports 12 schools in the UK to develop a range of interventions to educate children on plastic and help reduce their usage.

Our Approach to 'Single-use' Plastic

We identified a list of the biggest contributors to ocean waste plastic and removed them from all of our stores and offices, including plastic drink bottles, single-use carrier bags, straws, plastic cups and non-biodegradable wipes.

To help our customers reduce their carrier bag usage, we offer a variety of bags for life. The price of these includes a donation to Cancer Research UK Children & Young People.

Since the single-use carrier bag charge came into effect in England, Scotland and Wales, we've donated all proceeds to good causes.


Preserving Native Woodland

Since our partnership began back in 2004, TK Maxx and Homesense has contributed over £1 million to help plant, protect and restore native woodland in the UK. This could support the planting of 72,000 trees which have the potential to lock away approximately 17,000 tonnes of Co2 over their lifetime.