Give Up Clothes For Good

Help more children survive cancer and reduce impacts on the environment

Give Up Clothes For Good helps transform the items you no longer need into funds for life-saving research into children and young people’s cancers. It also helps reduce impacts on the environment by giving your pre-loved clothes a new lease of life.

How do I Give Up Clothes For Good?

  • What can I donate?

    Had a good ol' clearout? You can donate any good quality clothes, accessories and homeware, using any bag. Make sure your items are clean, dry and in good condition.
  • How can I donate?

    Fill a bag with your pre-loved quality fashion and homeware and bring it to your local TK Maxx store. You can donate at any time, all year round.
  • What happens to my donations?

    Your donations will go to Cancer Research UK shops where they will be sold to raise funds supporting life-saving research into children's and young people's cancers. Each bag could raise up to £25

Reduce impacts on the environment too

Give Up Clothes For Good helps reduce impacts on the environment by giving your pre-loved items a new lease of life. Here's how TK Maxx customers and associates have helped since 2004...

Source: the Carbon Trust
1tCO2e emissions avoided has approximately the same impact as 46 trees / year* meaning that for the average bag** donated could save as much carbon as 5 trees.
*Carbon Trust data key assumptions include:-The calculations for converting kgs of clothes into saved carbon assume 100% reuse rate - The tree is more than 10yrs old.
** average bag net avoided emissions are 118kgCO2e


Calling all Treasure customers

We love to reward kindness around here. If you donate a bag of pre-loved fashion and homeware in UK or Irish stores by 30 September, we'll award you an extra star key! When you donate in store, make sure you keep an eye out for the Treasure sticker on the donation bin so you can grab that well-deserved star key. Head down to your local store to donate.

£37 million raised to help more children survive cancer

Since 2004, together with our customers, we’ve raised over £37 million for Cancer Research UK’s vital work into children’s and young people’s cancers. Funds are raised through Give Up Clothes For Good, charity merchandise, associate fundraising and customer till donations.

Meet the incredible Rayaan, Pippa, Luke & Matilda...

  • Meet Rayaan

    Rayaan was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia when he was just two. His treatment included chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Rayaan finished treatment in the summer of 2019 and is now at school and doing well.
  • Meet Pippa

    Pippa was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2017. Pippa started months of chemotherapy in 2017 very soon after she was diagnosed, and finished in 2019. Her mum Laura said she was a superstar throughout.
  • Meet Luke

    Luke was six months old when he was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma. After taking part in a CRUK trial which looked to prevent hearing loss in children undergoing a specific form of chemotherapy, Luke now has normal hearing in both ears.
  • Meet Matilda

    Matilda was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2016. Mum Gabby shared how Matilda "really is the bravest person I know.” Matilda’s treatment finished in 2019 and she loves crafting, baking, singing and dancing.

Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence

The Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence, supported by TK Maxx, brings together expert researchers from across the globe to accelerate the development of better treatments, increase survival and better the quality of life for children diagnosed with brain tumours. Together with their customers and associates, TK Maxx has committed to raising £3m to entirely support The Centre. The funds raised will be generated through customer donations, associate fundraising and charity merchandise.