Give up Clothes for Good

Thank you for giving up clothes for good

Since 2004, you’ve helped us raise over £31 million for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens through your generous donations. These funds help support research to help more children survive cancer. We accept bags of your donations all year round. So go on, keep giving up clothes for good and help beat children’s cancers sooner.


Your donations help Cancer Research UK

Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease among young people in the U.K. Every day, 12 young people under 25 years old are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Cancer Research UK carries out pioneering research across the country to help beat children's cancers sooner and with your help aim to find new, better and kinder treatments for children and young people with cancer. The money raised will fund research into cancers affecting children and young people. Since 2004 TK Maxx customers and associates have raised over £35 million for Cancer Research UK’s work through stock and cash donations. Of this, over £31 million is supporting research into children's cancers specifically and £4 million supporting general cancer research.

The Children’s Stories

The incredible Alyssa and Josh


Watch the video

Thank you from Josh and Alyssa for supporting Give Up Clothes for Good and helping more children beat cancer sooner.

Meet Alyssa

Alyssa Davies, 11, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in March 2014. She started chemotherapy and lost her beautiful long hair due to the treatment. She impressed her family with her “get on with it” attitude and continued to attend school as often as possible. She is now doing well and loves being part of the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign: “I think it’s important for us to find more treatments to help more children like me,” she said.

Meet Josh

Josh was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumour before he was two years old. He needed chemotherapy, followed by two operations to remove one of his kidneys and part of his lung, then radiotherapy and more chemotherapy. His mum says, “He does not let anything stand in his way, and even when he was sick during the treatment, he carried on like nothing was wrong.” She also said, “We are keen to do all we can and have also been involved in shaping Cancer Research UK’s work through the Patient Involvement Network – it’s great to be giving something back after all we have been through.”


Why does TK Maxx want my pre-loved items?
To support our charity partner Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens to help beat children's cancers sooner. Your donated items are then sold in Cancer Research UK shops to raise vital funds for life-saving research.

What can I donate?
Any good quality items of clothing, accessories and homeware. Some of the most sought after items include menswear and homeware - from vases and ornaments to crockery and table lamps. You can use any bag. Each bag of donated items could raise up to £30 for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens.

What happens to my donations?
All items are sold by Cancer Research UK in their shops. If they cannot be sold, they are recyled. All the money raised goes to Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens which raises money to help beat cancers affecting children and young people sooner.

Can I bring in a bag to any TK Maxx store?
There are now permanent donation points in every TK Maxx store so you can donate at any time, all year round.