Developing sustainable trade in Uganda


How sustainable trade is helping families in Ugandan communities

Working with over 3000 families, our Sustainable Trade Programme was developed in 2011 to enable parents to increase their incomes so they could afford to send their children to school.

Our aim at TK Maxx is to help parents ensure their children complete primary education. We do this by helping them increase their income from the production and sale of coffee, cocoa, cotton and crafts. We’re proud to be able to sell their products in our stores from award-winning Rwenzori coffee to traditional handmade crafts.

Meet Violet

Violet is one of the 1,300 women in Uganda who create our beautiful handmade baskets. Discover Violet’s story and find out how the programme has transformed her life and the lives of her family.

Our made to do good range

  • Cotton

    The Cotton Co-op was the first to be certified as Fairtrade in East Africa. We use Ugandan cotton to make our Red Nose Day t-shirts, supporting Comic Relief.
  • Craft

    Our beautiful handmade baskets are made using traditional techniques. The icome from just two baskets pays for a child's schooling for a term.
  • Coffee

    We work with 760 coffee farmers in the Rwenzori mountains. As a result, farmers now earn 20% more for their crop.
  • Chocolate

    Our single-origin, fairtrade chocolate is produced from cocoa grown by Ugandan farmers, which brings vital income to help send their children to school.

Together we’ve achieved so much

Since the project began nearly 3000 families have benefited from increased income and more children are completing primary school education.

See how our Sustainable Trade Programme is helping schools