Declutter & Organise Your Home

Spring-cleaning needn’t wait, ‘tis the season to scrub-a-dub-dub. Who doesn’t love the feeling of a sparkling home that’s been tidied, decluttered and polished from top to bottom? And we’ve got the home cleaning products and stylish storage solutions to make it happen.

Out with the old…

First things first – declutter and have a big clear out. But it’s (much) easier said than done, so if you’re struggling to part ways with that dodgy toothbrush holder, ask yourself these 3 questions.

  • Is it beautiful or useful?

    There's no need to throw out things that serve a purpose, sure you might have 20 saucepans but if you actually cook with them all then keep hold of them. Equally, some things are just there to look pretty (us included).
  • Does it bring me happiness?

    That tacky souvenir from your gap year in Thailand may not look pretty or serve any purpose but if it evokes memories and makes you happy then it can stay. The gross frog ornament your mother-in-law got you can hop on out of the house though.
  • Have I got lots (or too many) of them?

    Do you need twenty pairs of jeans? Really? How many times have you worn them all? Can your even fit into them all? It's time to streamline your life people, you'll feel so much better for it.

Time for a tidy?

Next, it’s time to get organised! Whichever room you’re tackling, we’ve got the tips to make tidying it a doddle.

  • Clean that Kitchen

    Firstly, throw out anything past its sell by date and anything you didn't know you had. That jar of spices covered in dust – you're never gonna use it. Then sort out your cupboards, put like with like (so all your teas in one, glasses in another).
  • Blitz your Bathroom

    Get the toilet cleaner hidden out of sight, it's not chic darling. If you don't have bathroom cupboards, then freestanding drawers or lovely storage boxes will solve that problem. Add fluffy new towels and you'll feel like your bathing in The Ritz.
  • Beautify the Bedroom

    The bedroom should be a haven of calm, so if yours looks more like a bomb's hit it, then it's time to get organised. The space under your bed is huge so utilise it with under-bed boxes, while handy door hooks will free up floor.

So fresh and so clean

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to scrub and spritz. Here are a few clever ways to tackle the tricky bits…

  • Refresh your furniture

    From pongy pups to takeaways – armchairs and sofas absorb all sorts of suspect smells. Pick up a fabric freshener for a quick and easy refresh.
  • Freshen up your floors

    Don’t forget those wooden floors. Hoover ‘em, mop ‘em – and then pick up one of our natural oils to protect it from all the wear and tear.
  • Tackle the fridge

    No-one’s favourite job – but it has to be done occasionally *sigh*. Start by washing out all the shelves and boxes with warm, soapy water, then spritz with an anti-bacterial spray.

Ready, set…scrub!

From cleaning tips and products to mops and dusters – pick up everything you need for a total refresh in store or online.

  • Sprays & spritzers

    Find natural Lemon Oil, Granite & Stone cleaner and lots more.
  • Mops & brushes

    Discover microfiber mops and snazzy toilet brushes.
  • Dusters & cloths

    Pick up natural bamboo and wool dusters and all-purpose cloths.

Aaaaand relax…

Now that everything is in its rightful place and smells nice and lemony *smug face*, you can add the final touches.

  • Get the glow

    Invest in cosy lamps, scented candles and incense sticks to give your home a lovely ambiance.
  • All things green

    Bring the outdoors in with a touch of greenery – we’ve got hanging faux plants, succulents and flowers.