How to Keep Kids Entertained

  • Come rain or shine, we’ve got some bright ideas (and zillions of big-brand bargains) to keep kids of all ages entertained indoors & outdoors every day of the week.

Outdoor activities for kids

Whether it’s in the garden or at a nearby park, the outdoors encourages kids to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. Just keep hats, scarves & gloves handy if it's chilly. We’ve got lots of ideas to get them out of the house (and out of trouble).


Fantasy world

Get kids out into the garden by building a DIY tent using wooden rods and bed linen. Encourage them to use dolls and action toys to create a fun fantasy world from their favourite film or book.

Tip: For babies, make the den super-comfy with duvets, pillows and blankets and fill it with soft toys & wooden baby toys.


Sports Game

Outdoor sport and exercise allow kids to develop muscle strength and coordination, while encouraging self-confidence. Make it fun by setting up a mini assault course with outdoor toys like cricket sets, skateboards, footballs, tennis rackets balls and even trampolines. Kit them out in boys' activewear & girls' activewear and cool kid's trainers. Just keep them away from the plants.

Tip: In warmer weather, let them wear their swimwear for girls or boys and add water balloons for extra fun.


Treasure Hunt

Get your kids exploring their environment by hiding little toys around the garden. They’ll love the excitement of discovering fun surprises (a bit like shopping at TK Maxx), while the hunt itself will give them confidence.

Tip: Buy sweets and hide them in secret places at your local park or forest on a day out.

Indoor Activities for Kids

If the weather’s not so great or you have a poorly little one, indoor games can keep them entertained for hours.


Indoor Picnic

If it’s a bit chilly outside, let them stay in their pyjamas (we've got cute styles for boys, for girls & for babies), layer the floor with rugs, cushions and have a picnic. Baking with kids can be fun and educational (we call it messy fun), while younger children love toy food sets.

Tip: Make quick and easy finger sandwiches super-fun by cutting them into shapes.


Arts and Crafts

Being creative allows kids to express themselves and is even known to improve coordination. Arts and crafts are also a fantastic way for children to bond with you, and their siblings and friends. Just watch out for paint fights.

Tip: Set up a ‘creative corner’ in the living room where kids can paint, draw and make things.


Pretend Play

Little ones love nothing more than playing dress up, which is why we have hundreds of costumes for kids at incredible prices. Encourage them to get creative by putting on a play or perform their favourite song (get those cameras ready!). Or get them to have pretend play sessions with our top toys: will they become little make-up artists, ice-cream vendors, painters or tea party hosts?

Tip: Devise a dressing up box and challenge them to build up their own outfit.

Indoors or Outdoors, Got You Covered

Whatever the weather, come rain or shine, you'll find everything you need right here.

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