The Best Beauty Gift Guide (Honestly)

May we present our Beauty Gift Guide, scientifically proven (in theory) to delight even the most expert of beauty lovers. Bursting with make-up in rainbow shades, nature-inspired skincare treats plus heaps of designer names, you'll be hard-pressed not to keep it all for yourself...

Beauty Treats For One And All

  • Glorious Gift Sets

    What could possibly be better than a beauty gift? A beauty gift set that's what. Pump up their pampering with our top choices featuring aromatherapy, fragrance, lash growth care and more. Beautiful packaging, sequins and pretty bows add the final touch.
  • She's Perfectly Perfumed

    Big-name bottles for super-small prices live here. Whether she's strong and sultry or fresh and fruity, you'll find hundreds of sprays in our sensual selection. Parfums pack a punch day and night, while eau de toilettes offer something a little lighter.
  • His Signature Scent

    Sniff those top notes, close your eyes, and he's almost a six-packed supermodel wading out of the ocean, shaking the saltwater from his hair... Eek, sorry to interrupt the reverie but check out our awesome aftershaves for less. He's a lucky man.
  • High Voltage

    Without the danger. Hair and beauty electricals mean me-time so they're the perfect pressies. We're bursting with goodies from rose gold hair curlers to microdermabrasion devices. And with prices this good, there's sure to be something\(s\) for you too.

Beauty Bits And Bobs

Gift bag just missing that one little thing to complete the perfect pressie? Say no more. Some bath salts for him, a deep conditioning treatment for her, satisfying serums for them... up to 60% less*.

  • Make-up

    Put a smile on their face with the latest make-up obsessions
  • Skincare Saviours

    Ramp-up their routine with cult faves for a snip
  • Haircare Heroes

    Not all heroes wear capes, in fact some come in a bottle
  • Spa & Wellness

    Help them find that zen state of mind...

Nature-lover Nina

Natural beauty treats are the best sort of beauty treats. Discover our range of essential oils, clay and more to keep it green and gift the benefits of nature this season.

Glam Gloria

Shopping for someone who's all about that 'more is definitely more' beauty aesthetic? Give them the gift of glam with high-shine, glossy, glittery goodies.

Wellness Wayne

We can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate the gift of wellbeing. Wayne loves it. Spoil them something silly with our beauty gifts and bring the spa to them.

The Biggest Beauty Trends Right Here, Right Now

A little less conversation, a little more inspiration, please! Alright, alright, we're on it. Check out our beauty insider trends for 2021 onwards to discover the latest and hottest beauty looks so you can really nail it this season.

  • Fluffy Brows

    The 90s called, they're taking their over-plucked brows back
  • Science-backed Skincare

    Super-charged beauty for some extra oomph
  • Glossy Lips

    Matte lips, be gone, we need some more gloss in here
  • The New Cat Eye

    Neon liquid liner or a pastel pop, why ever not?
  • Anti-pollution Products

    Sun cream alone just won't cut it out there
  • Make-believe Make-up

    Liquid glitter and jewel tones to make even unicorns jealous

Already Beautiful Enough?

Not quite found the perfect pressie for them? Don't fret! Say hello to our handy gift guides for all the family, starring biiiig brands for teeny, tiny prices. You'll find the ideal treat for them in no time.

Really Hard To Buy For?

For Little Miss Picky and Mr. Particular – or if you want to gift 'em all the options – give the gift of endless possibilities. Our gift cards trump all others because they never expire. And your lucky giftee can treat themselves to whatever they fancy, all for up to 60% less than the RRP. *Takes a bow.*