Women’s Shoes Buying Guide

Do you know your brogues from your ballerinas? You will now...


Flat Shoes

If you've ever taken your heels off after an hour on the dance floor, you know how comfortable flats can be. Also you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort as flats can also amp up your style quotient.

  • Moccasins

    A leather shoe with embroidery or beading. Originally worn by North American tribes. Now worn by festival goers and other free-spirited folk.
  • Ballerinas

    Immortalised by Kate Moss, this little style has freed up a generation of women from their heels. Try a bit of toe cleavage (yes, you read right) for extra sex appeal.
  • Loafers

    Low, laceless shoe. Comes from Norwegian cattle loafing. Glamorous.
  • Brogues

    Sturdy leather, named after holes known as "broguering". Yes, we did think 'hole-y shoe' didn't sound quite right...
  • Espadrilles

    Originating in the Pyrenees in the 14th century, they've long been defined by their jute rope sole. Perfect for looking like you're on holiday.
  • Ghillie Flats

    Get extra fashion points with these flats inspired by shoes designed for traditional dancing. Feminine & comfortable to wear all day long.


Nothing adds glamour like black heels or staggering high heels whether it's a black-tie evening do or post-work drinks. We've got a few styles for you to compare — choose one or choose them all.

  • Peep Toe

    Leather, patent or satin heels that expose a small bit of toe. First popularised in the 1940s, they've been in and out of the style game & are now firmly back in our wardrobes.
  • Ghillie Lace-ups

    Get set for some serious strapping with the Ghillie Lace-ups. Similar to the style in flats with serious height - you go, girl!
  • Flatform

    Made famous in the 90s by The Spice Girls who wore sky-high lace-up versions, fashionistas are falling head over heels for this flat shoe/ platform mix.
  • Wedge

    A certain Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo introduced these to the Italian market in the 1930s. Since then, we've worn them as comfortably while strutting on a catwalk or running for the bus.
  • Slingback

    Noun: Slingback. Sounds like: something from a cowboy movie… Backless shoes with a strap, popular since the 1930s.
  • Court

    Otherwise known as ‘pumps,’ any low-cut shoes without fastenings or straps are ‘courts’. Because fashion law dictates you must own some?

Summer Sandals

Nothing says endless days of sunshine quite like sandals whether you choose flat sandals, wedge sandals or heeled sandals. And even if it's a grim day, you can slip into a pair and change your mood.

  • Footbeds

    For an immediate dose of that holiday feeling, slip into a pair of footbeds. Made of contoured cork and rubber footbeds, which conform to the shape of their wearers' feet.
  • Flip Flops

    The word Flip Flops have been used since in the 1950s & is an onomatopoeia of the sound made by the sandals when walking in them. Essential pre-flight holiday purchase.
  • Huarache

    Originally adopted by peasant communities & some reglious orders, these style staples have come a long way in the fashion world.
  • Gladiators

    Inspired by the styles worn by hunky Roman gladiators, these beauties look great on the beach, by the pool or for wandering around the city.
  • T-bar Sandals

    Commonly worn by children in the 1950s, T-bar sandals are all about comfort and summer style for modern fashionistas.
  • Embellished

    Embellished clothing & shoes have been popular with royalty over the centuries. If bling is your thing, these bejewelled beauties are the shoes for you.


Trainers were what you wore to tennis matches. Not any more. Today, we wear them to work and play. They are comfortable, fashionable & practical. Trainers have become a fashion must-have in recent years.

  • High tops

    An above-the-ankle style that extends over the ankle (of course), these athletic shoes have become so popular. Makes us feel like asking strangers if they want to "shoot some hoops".
  • Canvas

    An extremely durable fabric used for making sails, tents, marquees and backpacks, Canvas has made it to our trainers. Perfect for a casual lunch, Sunday brunch or a walk in the park.
  • Running Shoes

    In the last century, trainers have gone from rubber soled to air cushioned, gel filled capsules worn as much for their looks as their sporting performance. And we love them.


Whether it's flat leather ankle boots or heeled boots in suede, every stylista has a few pairs of boots she loves. Take a look at our guide & choose your favourites, yours up to 60% less*.

  • Heeled Ankle Boot

    A boot that covers the ankle first worn around 1000BC by ancient nomads. Wonder whether they knew what an ‘investment piece’ was?
  • Chelsea Boots

    This mod-ish ankle boot's been worn by everyone from Queen Victoria to Star Wars stormtroopers. Invented by a royal shoe-maker in the 1800s, it's still a catwalk favourite.
  • Calf Boots

    Based on Russian styles from the early 19th century, Calf Boots came about due to rising hemlines, but these days can be worn with just about anything.
  • Knee or Riding Boots

    Originally created as a man's riding boot in the 15th century, the style was later redefined as a fashion boot for women. They look as good in the stables as they do on a dance floor.
  • Thigh High Boots

    Over-the-knee boots were used as a work boot when additional protection for the legs was required. Tall boots can look sexy but are also practical on winter mornings.
  • Flat Ankle Boots

    Throughout history, the boot has been adapted to fit the needs of the wearer and current culture. Today, Flat Ankle Boots can be your most faithful fashion accessory.