A-Z of Bags

  • Bag lovers rejoice

    We've got bags of every kind, always up to 60% less*
  • All Bags

    At TK Maxx we've got bags. Bags for backs and bags for snacks. Designer bags that make a splash, bargain bags when you're light on cash. Some with patterns, some with wheels but all our bags are total steals.
  • Backpacks

    Yes, it's a pack for your back. Also known as kitbag, knapsack, rucksack, rucksac, pack, sackpack or backsack. Not to be confused with backpack-ers: those are usually found on beaches "finding themselves".
  • Cross Body Bags

    Look ma, no hands! Cross Body bags let you do your thing, without getting in the way. Feel the freedom as you shimmy & sparkle the night away with these designer babies slung across. Useful when you're carrying one too many Margaritas back from the bar…
  • Designer Handbags

    You could invest in stocks & shares (yawn!). Or put your bucks into an iconic designer handbag. The difference is, you can take your bag-vestment to parties & nights outs. And with our uh-mazing prices for designer labels, you won't break the bank.
  • Evening Bags

    Imagine you're heading to the coolest club in town. Dress on. Lipstick on. Heels on. Now what do you think is the biggest statement maker? Two words: evening bag. Don't believe us? Grab your bag & prepare for the compliments to roll in.
  • Festival Bum Bags

    Festivals. Bums. Two things you wouldn't put together. But put your phone, wallet & other essentials (wet wipes, natch) into that festival bum bag. Get your hands free for throwing shapes in the mosh pit, or carrying your mate back to the tent.
  • Gym Bags

    Gym bunnies, rejoice. We have so many stylish ways for you to transport your work-out kit back and forth. Even if the closest you've been to the gym is the bar next door, a gym bag can be useful to carry stuff around. Plus, they make you look sporty.
  • Hobo Bags

    A nice slouchy bag that hangs from your shoulder for, you know, just hanging out. Hobo bags usually have a main compartment & a long strap. We hope you're paying attention. There will be a quiz after…
  • Ice Bags

    Now these are bags for holding lots of (you guessed it!) ice. Handy to use as ice-packs when you've hurt yourself or keeping food chilled at a picnic. Ice bags, just so fresh & cool…
  • Jute Bags

    We know what you're thinking. Jute Bags are for tree-hugging earth mothers who're into incense sticks and sun salutations, right? Wrong. These modern stylish carry-alls are game-changers. We've event got designer jute bags, oh yes.
  • Kit Bag

    Originally used by sailors & soldiers used to carry personal possessions (like pictures of their sweethearts). These days, it's associated with the soldiers of the football pitch or tennis court. We think it's the simplest way to work a sports luxe look.
  • Laptop Bags

    You can't do without your laptop, so you might as well find stylish ways to carry it around. Thankfully we're on hand to help with bags of all sizes colours & prints. We like to call it Silicon Valley chic, functional & fab at the same time.
  • Make Up Bag

    Make up minimalist or maximist? Either way you're going to need a make up bag. Whether you're looking for a small pouch to pop in your handbag or a carry-all cosmetics wonder-case, you're in the right place.
  • Nude Bags

    Take your style cue from those effortlessly preened ladies who lunch & add their signature sophistication to your look. How you ask? With a nude bag of course. It's the little black dress of the handbag world in that it goes with everything. Try it.
  • Occasion Bags

    Imagine you're at the Golden Globes after-party standing. Does your occasion bag have star quality? And we're not just talking about metallic or embellished styles. Just as important whether you're going to the Globes or a charity gala.
  • Pooch Poo Bag

    This might not make it to the catwalks of Paris & Milan, but dog poo bags are important. Your pooch might not care whether you're using a carrier bag to pick up errr…poo. But ask yourself, what does your pooch poo bag say about your fashion creds?
  • Quilted Bag

    The quilted bag, made famous by an iconic French design house, is an absolute classic. With its chic looks and heavy chain strap, the style oozes luxe-appeal. This is one handbag that’s a wardrobe essential.
  • Rock Star Bags

    You know what these are, don't you? Those amazing designer visions that blow other bags out of the water. The statement makers, the eye-catching, covetable styles that you see in your dreams. They aren't a want, they're a NEED.
  • School Bags

    School's (not) out & school bags are in. These much-used kids backpacks carry everything from school books, pencil cases, lunch boxes, water bottles to much-loved favourite Teddies. Awww, bless…
  • Tea Bags

    Helen Mirren famously takes her tea bags with her wherever she goes, be it LA or London. According to worldteanews.com (yes, really!) 96 percent of the tea consumed around the world is bagged. Where would we in the UK be without our beloved tea bags, eh?
  • Under Eye Bags

    It's one of the most common questions on Google: how to get rid of under eye bags? Caused due to lack of sleep, dehydration and allergies. How to fix them? Try cucumber slices. Or tea bags once they've cooled. Now where did we mention tea bags before?
  • Vacuum Bags

    Hardly the most glamourous of bags but oh-so-necessary. If you need to make some space or if you just can't stop buying clothes, these are for you. Ideal for underbed storage or packing into cupboads - clutter be gone.
  • Weekend Bag

    Whether it's a whistle stop vaycay or staycay, you're going to need a weekend bag. Thankfully we can help you there. From classic leather styles to modern big brand designs these are the bags to add a jet-set touch to your trip.
  • XL Bags

    Y'know, those magical Mary Poppins style bags that seem to have room for everything including the kitchen sink. Everyone needs one & ours look great too. So that's a problem solved. Leave nothing behind & look effortlessly chic to boot.
  • Yellow Bags

    How to brighten up a dull Monday morning? Easy. Just add a yellow bag. Bold, eye-catching & endlessly joyful, these designer darlings are just what you need to boost your look & your mood. Thank us later.
  • Zip Lock Bags

    Maybe you're a master baker who loves to treat your colleagues to yummy treats? Or perhaps a freezer-Tetris expert fitting everything in thanks to your unrivalled organizational skills. Either way, you swear by zip lock bags & we've got loads.
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