Selected sleep bags - 0-6 months only - from Sam & Jo, First Wish, Little Red Caboose, Willow Blossom, Aspen, Piper & Posie, Shabby Chic, Artisan, Dylan & Abby Miss Mona Mouse, Harry & Me

TK Maxx have identified a potential safety issue with selected sleep bags. The issue affects only the sleep bags for age 0-6 months.

The product was on sale in TK Maxx stores between August 2016 and December 2020. We have found that the product does not comply with European regulations on the size of the neck hole. The hole is too big so a baby could slip down the garment causing their face to be covered, which presents a risk of suffocation.

The safety of our customers is very important to us and we are taking this action as a precaution.

To check if your product is affected, the product must be 0-6months and have a style number on the below list. This can be find on the sewn in label.

CL00871 CL00873 CL00953 CL00986 CL01066
CL00819 CL00936 CL00954 CL00987 CL01096
CL00824 CL00943 CL00956 CL01003 CL01079
CL00904 CL00720 CL00955 CL01004 CL00983
CL00924 CL00756  CL00984  CL01073  CL00985 
CL01005  CL00980  CL00861  CL00905  CL01099
CL01006 CL00981  CL00935  CL00909  CL00938 
CL01007  CL00982  CL00937  CL00917  CL00880
 CL00501 CL00506 CL 00590 CL00921 CL00872
CL00513 CL00507 CL 00599 CL00616 CL00679
CL00531 CL00508 CL 00601 CL 00619 CL00682
CL00540 CL00509 CL 00602 CL00658 CL00683
CL00542 CL00510 CL00605 CL00660 CL00684
CL00543 CL00511 CL 00606 CL00664 CL00686
CL00502 CL00512 CL 00609 CL00666 CL00687
CL00503 CL 00580 CL 00612 CL00668 CL00688
CL00504 CL 00582 CL 00613 CL00670 CL00689
CL00505 CL 00586 CL 00614 CL00674 CL00698
CL00701 CL00720 CL00761 CL00678 CL00699
CL00576 CL00721 CL00762 CL00823 CL00890
CL 00577 CL00723 CL00765 CL00824 CL00899
CL 00589 CL00726 CL00767 CL00825 CL00882
CL 00576 CL00727 CL00772 CL00826 CL00889
CL00871 CL00730 CL00817 CL00831 CL00820
CL00577 CL00732 CL00818 CL00832 CL00821
CL00593 CL00756 CL00819 CL00833 CL00757
CL00602 CL00616 CL00834 CL00759  

If you purchased the affected product, please stop using it immediately and return to any TK Maxx store in the UK or ROI for a full refund.

For further enquiries, please contact Customer Service on: