The TK Maxx Luggage Guide

At TK Maxx we’re known for our amazing array of luggage and travel bags. Where else can you get a wheely suitcase at a minute’s notice or a carry-all from a designer brand for a steal? Because we’re nice, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on all things luggage, to make your next trip as smooth as the wheels on your new case…

The ultimate suitcase

How to pick the perfect case for you, from weekend luggage to dream-trip bag sets. Read on for what to look out for and what to avoid.

  • Brightly coloured

    Black and grey are all very well, but there's whole rainbow of colours out there. Choose one that fits your style and you'll never have a mix-up at baggage claim again.
  • 360 wheels

    When you’re racing through the terminal you don’t want bad or (gasp) no wheels holding you back. Manoeuvre round annoyingly slow tourists like a champ with wheels that go all the way round.
  • Hard shell

    If you’re a frequent traveller then hard-shell suitcases will minimise the need to replace your luggage all the time. Plus, you can chuck it bout to your heart’s content.
  • Telescopic handle

    You want a good and sturdy extendable handle, especially if you’re blessed with height – there’s nothing worse than having to do an awkward crouch on a travellator.

TK Maxx’s Top Travel Tips

Here are the 4 travel commandments that every traveller needs to know. Even if you’re not a seasoned pro, you’ll definitely look like one at departures. Who knows, you might even get an upgrade.

  • 1. Check cabin luggage size limits

    This one will save you time and money, not all airlines allow the same size cabin bags. If you’re flying with a budget airline (we’re not judging, £54 return flights to Lisbon are nothing to be scoffed at) then you might need a smaller carry-on.
  • 2. Make your mark

    If you’ve opted for a classic black suitcase then congrats you stylish person, you. However, you can bet your boarding pass there’ll be people at baggage claim with similar (or identical) cases. Tie a colourful scarf to yours to make identifying it easy.
  • 3. If it’s broken, let it go

    We’ve all been there, days before a big trip you realise you’ve only got the flimsy, hand-me-down suitcase your mum lent you years ago. Do not travel with this bag. You’ll be stressed and out of pocket when the zip pops off. Buy a new one.
  • 4. Roll with it

    Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. This one’s a popular tip, right? And for good reason. Not only is it quicker, easier and saves a ton of space, it also reduces creasing in your clothes. Who wants to spend their holiday ironing, just roll and go.

The extras

…because travel doesn’t stop at the suitcase

  • Headphones

    Listen to some vaycay tunes and block out the sound of that crying baby on the plane.
  • Airport outfits

    Unless you're flying business (we're definitely not), you'll want something cosy enough for 8 hours in coach.
  • Neck pillow

    If you’re going to be on a long-haul flight then this is one item that'll help you get comfy.
  • Crossbody bag

    You’ve already got a suitcase, so do yourself a favour and go hands-free with your other bag.

Where’s your next holiday?

Answer our questions to find your dream destination

  • Mostly As

    Bali is a backpackers’ dream, stunning views, crystal sea and wonderful people. Plus it can be done a shoestring. You’ll need a durable backpack for jumping on and off boats while you’re Island hopping.
  • Mostly Bs

    Former Constantinople is the dream city break. There’s more history than you can shake a stick at, bazaars and a great nightlife. A chic carry-on is all you need for along weekend.
  • Mostly Cs

    Glamour and shopping are the name of the game in the city so good they named it twice. For your cosmopolitan trip you’ll need a few matching cases (and an empty one for your souvenirs).