Unique Home Accessories

We’ve become a nation of home fanatics and quite right too. Why not make your pad a reflection of your personality, with unique home accessories and quirky homeware that scream ‘this is me’. Whether you’re renting a flat or ensconced in a mansion, we have big brand homeware at bargain prices to make you feel like an interior designer.

What’s your homeware style?

  • Quirky But Cool

    Some like your style, most say ‘ooh that’s bold’. We say, keep being you with unique home furnishings and talking-piece treasures.
  • Chic & Grown Up

    You don’t need a mini break to a boutique hotel because it wouldn’t come close to the elegance and style of your own home.
  • Full-On Fashion

    Terrazzo, pastels, cottage core–whatever the latest homeware trend, you’re on it. Lucky we’ve got new homeware landing almost every day.
  • Loose & Laid Back

    ‘What this? Just something I picked up’. You’re easy breezy, and so is your home. You see it, you like it, you buy it… and somehow it all just fits.

Queen of The Kitchen

A top chef is only as good as his or her tools. From wooden spoons to high tech mixers, lemon squeezers to spiralizers and garlic crushers to matching Tupperware sets. We’ve got it all, for less.


Fall in Love With Your Lounge

The living room, lounge or front room \(whatever you call it\) is the heart of the home, sorry kitchen. This is where gorgeous rugs, cushions and lamps come into play. Lucky for you we have unique living room accessories for less right here.


Only the Best Bedroom

And relax. The boudoir is your space to chill out. Think soft throws and pillows, mellow lighting and stylish artwork. All the little touches that mean you can’t wait to get into bed… and make you not want to leave it.

Our must-have home accessories

  • Lovely Lighting

    From bird-shaped bedside numbers to uber-modern floor lamps, you can never have enough mood lighting.
  • Cool Cushions

    On your bed, on the sofa and under your bum, cushions are pure homeware happiness and we have tons.
  • Ravishing Rugs

    A rug can pull a room together like nothing else, from wool to person, modern to traditional, find one to fit your space.
  • Versatile Vases

    Ahhh, fresh flowers always make a home feel like Elton John’s pad. Though to be honest, even an empty vase looks lovely.
  • Amazing Artwork

    A bare wall is a sad wall. Fill your home with glorious technicolour wall art, paintings, prints and posters.
  • Fantastic Furniture

    A leopard print chair, a cool coffee table, a fabulous dining set. The right furniture can make or break a room.

Styling tips for your home

First and foremost, your home should be a reflection of you. So, you should love everything in it. Don’t feel pressure to follow trends if you don’t like them and don’t rush to fill a room all at once. Let things happen organically and your home will evolve into your perfect haven right around you.