Jewellery Gift Guide

Whoever said the best presents come in small packages wasn't lying. Especially if they’re jewellery gifts. From hoops to bangles, rose gold to gunmetal silver, there's jewels and jewellery gift sets for all. Yup, this is a gift guide for everyone–from jewellery gifts for her or jewellery gifts for friends–so there's no judgement here if the giftee is you. It's called self love, darling...

  • Gold

    *Alexa, play Spandau Ballet*. You are gold, golddd. Our golden goods are all up to 60% less than the RRP (yep, you heard right), so treat 'em to gold chains, chunky hoops and stackable rings. We guarantee it'll be a gift they won't forget.
  • Diamonds

    Diamonds are forever... so make sure you pick a good 'un. Whether you're investing in a showstopping diamond ring (we'll have an invite to the wedding, ta) or a dainty diamond necklace, spoil them something silly thanks to yours truly.
  • Silver

    Been struggling to find the perfect gift? There's always a silver lining (sorry, we couldn't resist). All hail our treasure-forever dainty silver necklaces, stylish silver chains and sterling silver bracelets from the biggest brands in the game.

The 411 on our diamonds...

Everyone's best friend! We take our bling pretty seriously around here and information cards to give more details on styles over 0.10cts are provided where possible. We may not be your first port of call for that all-important diamond ring, but what if we told you that we sell unique in style and precious diamonds starting from £70 (no, your eyes do not deceive you), and the price tag never, ever exceeds £999. We know, we impressed ourselves with that one too.

Magpie Picks

  • Earrings

    Let mission stalk-their-ears commence. Are they a hoop lover? A stud enthusiast? Or a drop and dangle diva? Whatever their ear style, we've got just the thing. From fail-safe gold hoops and studs to boujee drop earrings, you know what to do...
  • Bracelets

    We all get excited about a little arm candy. Nope? Just us then. We've got something for all bracelet babes and everything's up to 60% less*, naturally. Look out for beaded styles, minimal cuffs, two-tone designs and so much more.
  • Rings

    Simple Sally, Maximalist Mandy, Eccentric Ed? Whoever you're buying a ring for, you're in the right place as we tailor to all. A circus of rings. From all your fave big labels for little prices. Blimey, you've landed on your feet, haven't you?
  • Necklaces

    Excuse us, wow-worthy necklaces coming through. And a necklace for a birthday is a memorable gift indeed. Every time they sling it on, they're reminded of you. Check out simple chains and pendant styles, and just try not to keep them all for yourself.

The jewellery trends you neeed on your radar

  • Oversized Opulence

    Think your usual jewellery but in a size XXL. This season it's go big or go home. From gigantic stones in emerald cut shapes and supersize hoops to door-knocker styles and triple hoops, oversized is the theme this season.
  • Ridin' Solo Earrings

    Ah, that age-old problem of losing an earring to the back of the sofa or under the bed. Looks like this trend's about to solve all your problems. Lost an earring? No problem. You just became a fashion icon without even trying. Look at you go, Susan...
  • Chain Reaction

    Introducing big chain energy. This easy style hack is the throw-it-on-and-et-voilà saviour your wardrobe was crying out for. Opt for a chunky gold chain over a black sweater for an oh-so-stylish update. Also big in bracelet form. Ding dong.
  • Stacking Season

    You know that age-old phrase 'less is more'? Yeah, well scrap that. This year, when it comes to earrings, more is more, darling. Experiment with studs, hoops, cuffs and chains for a stacked and stylish look that'll shake up your style.
  • Pearls

    Your grandma called, she wants her pearls back. No, really. Pearls are the most popular jewellery trend of 2021, stealing the hearts of jewellery lovers nationwide. From classic pearl drop earrings to modern-day cuffs, Hepburn would be oh-so proud...
  • Charm School

    The 90s aren't going anywhere. Whether you prefer a #neckmess (Instagram stalk it) or one necklace adorned with multiple motifs and medallions, charms are the perfect way to showcase your personality through your jewels. The more the merrier.

Watch Out ...

  • Women's Watches

    Ooh la la, looks like someone's in your good books this year. Treat the lady in your life to a breathtaking piece from the biggest brands and designers in the watch game for up to 60% less*. Take your pick from gold, silver or leather.
  • Men's Watches

    And now for the showstopping pièce de résistance. Treat the fella in your life to a one-of-a-kind watch. From designer showstoppers and steel styles to suave leather finishes, you're not gonna believe some of the names we have...

Looking for more than jewellery?

Explore what else we have to offer at TK Maxx

  • Gold Label

    Thought high-end designer gifts were out of your reach? Think again. These luxe designer clothes, shoes and accessories will make 'em beam ear to ear – and they're all up to 60% less*. But you don't need to tell them that, eh?
  • Brilliant Bags

    Got a handbag hoarder in your circle? Bag lovers will adore our cross-body styles, backpacks, bumbags, clutches, bucket bags and more (and you'll enjoy the teeny, tiny price tags). Bag one in our gift guide today.
  • Beauty Buys

    This way for beauty without the beast... whether you're looking for spa and wellbeing gifts or the latest cult make-up products, we've got you covered for a lot, lot less. Oh, and there's also a trend round-up so you can get inspired.
  • Ultimate Gifting

    Call us gifting royalty (no, really) because our ultimate gift guide brings together the great and the great-er branded gifts. Of course, everything's always up to 60% less than the RRP so you really can spoil them rotten this year.

Fussy pants

Well, well, well, what do you gift your dripping-in-designer glamorous aunt who has everything, do we hear you ask? Why, you give the gift of endless possibilities of course. Our gift cards trump all others because they never ever expire. And your lucky giftee can treat themselves to whatever they fancy, all for up to 60% less than the RRP.