Housewarming Gifts They Actually Want


Looking for a lil' something to make your mate's new pad more homely or for a pressie that says ‘welcome to the mortgage club’? Look no further because we’re home to housewarming gifts that most definitely won’t be regifted. Ditch the traditions and the superstitions because our gift guide has got a unique gift to suit every renter, lodger and homeowner to mark this monumental life moment in style. In fact, with gifts this good, you might find it hard to give them away. Life can be so unfair...

Who's the lucky giftee?

Housewarming gifts are not a one-size-fits-all job, so we've broken things down for you. Ooh, we're too good to you...

  • The amateur chef

    All the gear, no idea? Even if their skills are more Kitchen Nightmares than MasterChef, there's no harm in kitting their new pad out with big brand kitchenware. After all, they do say practice makes perfect.
  • The pet lover

    If you thought we were going to leave the most important family member giftless, then you thought wrong. Treat your giftee's pampered pooch or fancy feline to a few toys and scrumptious treats to welcome them into their new pad.
  • The clean freak

    Nothing excites a clean freak quite like a new cleaning caddy or a swanky hands-free bin. Or how about some eco cleaning products? Don't forget to pick up a tripod too for their #Hinched vlog debut.
  • The host with the most

    You know the type. The host who practically combusts if you don't have a drink in your hand. Make entertaining in their new gaff a breeze with jazzy plates, swanky glasses and serving boards that scream 'I'm an adult now, Mum'.
  • The homebody

    Candles over cocktails. For the homebody, the home is their sanctuary, so filling it with the right accessories is a must. From snuggly throws to woven baskets, statement vases and a candle (or three), it's all in those finishing touches.
  • The beauty guru

    Oh, is somebody there? Sorry, we couldn't hear you over our zenness. Bring the spa to them with essential oils and bath salts to heal the post-move back pain without the chiropractor price tag. (Swimming pools not for sale though, sorry)
  • The sleepyhead

    The bed is the most important part of any home, so give the gift of a good night's sleep and they'll love you forever. From designer bedding sets to down duvets and satin pillowcases, these prices will send you off to sleep in no time.
  • The luxury lover

    Oh darling, for this giftee, a bunch of tulips and a novelty mug simply won't do. Don't fret, shop our designer homeware edit boasting goose feather duvets, designer towels and fancy-pants pots and pans galore. Ding dong.
  • The arty-farty one

    The success rate of choosing art for somebody is about 10% (we totally made that up), so save yourself the guesswork and let them paint their own instead. Set them up with some good ol' Arts and Crafts to personalise their new space.

Sustainable gifts

Sustainability is the best housewarming gift you can give to a new homeowner this year. After all, nothing says 'adulting' quite like a set of glass food storage containers or a collection of recycled glass vases under the kitchen sink, so give thoughtful sustainable gifts a go and you're guaranteed an invite to the housewarming party for sure.
  • Under £10

    We’re all about savvy shopping and big savings, so bag yourself a grin-worthy housewarming gift for under a tenner. With savings of up to 60% less*, they’ll never know how much you spent. Nailed it.
  • Under £20

    You can still be boujee on a budget. A fancy-pants candle, champagne glasses or a fireplace-worthy ornament are all thoughtful gifts that won't break the bank.
  • Under £50

    *Sings Shirley Bassey’s Big Spender*. If you're looking to blow your giftee’s socks off, you’ve come to the right place. We've got designer gifts that are sure to secure you first dibs on the best spare room. Hidden agenda? Us? Never.
  • The gift that keeps on giving

    Or, you could just ignore our housewarming gift guide completely and gift the gift of endless choice instead. There’s nothing cop-out about our gift cards as they never ever expire. Oh, and you also get to pick from an array of stylish designs, yippee!