The TK Maxx neverending stocking

Meet Stocko – our playful, stripy and ever so slightly mischievous neverending stocking. Yes, his table manners could be a little more refined but look past that and you’ll fall in love with his desire to give the perfect prezzie. Head in store or enter online to get your mitts on a years’ worth of presents! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

How to enter

  • You could nab a whooole year of Christmas prezzies from Stocko the neverending stocking for you and your family. Simply click the button to enter and have the chance to have the best year ever.
  • Keep your eyes peeled when you’re shopping in TK Maxx stores, you might just get more than you bargained for. If you’re lucky enough to find a hidden stocking, then you’ve just bagged yourself Christmas prezzies for a whole year*. Yahoooo!

Meet mischievous stocking 'Stocko' in our Christmas TV ad

What other stocking can pop out gifts for the whole family? That's right, none. Watch our TV advert to see mischievous neverending stocking ‘Stocko’ deliver gifts to one lucky clan throughout the year. You’ll love him.