Your 2020 Fitness Plan

Not another boring fitness guide

Every new year we all make the same resolution ‘get fit’. And while these fitness goals are admirable, not many of us stick to them. That’s where TK Maxx comes in, our handy guide will help you look and feel great without having to resort to cabbage soup diets and gruelling regimes. It’s fitness, but fun.

Fitness myths debunked

  • 1. You need lots of cash

    We won’t lie, if you had buckets of cash for an elite personal trainer… then you’d definitely get fit. But for us mere penny-pinched mortals, running is free, as is exercise at home, as are free gym trials (fake moustache at the ready).
  • 2. You need lots of time

    When you’ve got a glittering social life and multiple weekly appointments with your Netflix account, time's at a premium. So fit workout plans around your busy schedule by trying HIIT, even a short 20 minute sesh will give you a huge health boost.
  • 3. You need an expensive gym

    Posh gyms are great, you get fluffy towels and part-time models on reception. But those things won't make you any fitter. Your local gym has the same equipment, all that matters is that you use it. Plus, there’s 2798 things you can do with a dumbbell.
  • 4. You need to be an expert

    Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t born with bulging biceps (or was he?). So don’t let a lack of knowledge deter you. Check out videos on YouTube, go to a few new classes, ask friends and just give fitness a go. You’ll be surprised how quickly you progress.

Contender, select your sport

Now you’ve decided to get fit, you need to choose how. There’s literally something for everyone from trampolining to fencing and everything in between. To make life easier we’ve highlighted some of the more popular routes to fitness below.


Say yes to Yoga

Yoga gets a bad rap. Sure, there are people who’ve renamed themselves Tree (when they’re really called Laura) floating around in harem pants and talking about chakras. Sorry Tree, we don’t know what a chakra is or how to locate it. But yoga is popular for a reason, it’s suitable for everyone and yoga poses do wonders for your body and mind. So get your om on and nama-slay.

Keep on running

Running is the great fitness leveller as you can run pretty much anywhere and all you need is a decent pair of trainers and enough sense of direction to get you back home. In fact, if you’re a person who even gets lost on their way to the shops, there are loads of Apps to keep you on track. Set yourself a distance or time target and work to smash it. 5km is a great place to start.

HIIT me with it

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training which means you do short, sharp bursts of activity followed by periods of rest. Sounds hardcore? It is, but it’s so effective that you can torch some serious calories in even a short session. Plus a HIIT workout is proven to keep your metabolism ramped up hours and hours after your session.

2019’s wackiest fitness trends

It wouldn’t be new year without some seriously wild new fitness trends to try. Let us know how you get on…

  • 1. Cryotherapy

    2019 is all about chilling out to the max. So what better way than to shell out hundreds of pounds to enter a freezing, minus 130 degrees chamber? Benefits touted include improved sports recovery, pain relief and (we’re assuming) chattering teeth.
  • 2. Virtual training

    Why leave the comfort of your own home when the gym can come to you? Don’t worry about getting changed out of your PJs, we’re talking virtual reality. Try a mirror with inbuilt video workouts to get that class feel at home or hi-tech fitness trackers.
  • 3. Rowing

    Whoever tells you they like rowing is a liar. It’s just. So. Hard. So we’re flummoxed, quite frankly, at the volume of specialised rowing studios popping up recently. On the plus side you'll get as fit as an olympian… but it’s a lot of effort, isn’t it?