Lighting Buying Guide

The right lighting can transform the look of any room. So let there be light...


Wall & Ceiling Lighting

Add a dose of drama to any setting with unique styles to suit your individual style.

  • Chandeliers

    The ultimate in lighting opulence, our range of chandeliers are made with quality materials and finished with the finest craftsmanship.
  • Pendants

    Opt for this low-hanging style to create impact over your dining table. All our pendant lighting is adjustable so you can make the impression that’s right for you.
  • Flush

    For clean, simple spaces where you don’t want hanging fixtures. This style creates a classic finish to any room.
  • Wall

    Perfect for a soft, evening glow, this ambient lighting creates a great feature in dark corners. How romantic.


Whether it’s a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace or a pug-shaped statement table lamp, find just what you need.

  • Task

    Choose a stylish little spotlight to shine on any area you need. Our selection offers directional light in a range of contemporary styles.
  • Table

    Transform every room with our array of stylish table lamps and lamp shades. From ceramic to glass, wood to statement, we have every style covered.
  • Bedside

    Traditionally these tend to be smaller and understated, but who says they have to be? Try a statement lamp or even mismatching styles.
  • Floor

    Versatile statement lighting perfect for any room, this is a timeless way to light up your home.

Things to Consider



Wattage and Lumens are both units of measurement.

Wattage: The amount of energy required to produce light.
Lumen: The amount of light produced. The higher the lumen rating, the more light you can expect.

Always consider the recommended wattage provided with your light fitting when buying light bulbs. If a bulb has a wattage that is too high for the fitting, this can cause overheating and make the fitting unsafe.


Always isolate the lighting circuit at the fuse box before installing a mains-powered fitting. Take note of all of the cable connections before removing the old unit.

We recommend that you get a qualified electrician to install all light fittings in line with current UK Regulations.

Oh and enjoy your home in a whole new light with the exciting branded finds available at TK Maxx.