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Recession spawns new species of shopper

Primal instincts are running wild on the high street as female Brits take on a new, animalistic approach to shopping.

With traits closely resembling how animals hunt their prey in the wild, new research TK Maxx, reveals the recession has bred a new species of female shoppers The Hunter-Gatheristas

In the current economic climate, shopping is fast becoming a survival of the fittest – nearly a quarter of 18-24 year old women (23 per cent) have confessed to secretly competing with friends as they scramble to stay ahead of the fashion pack and satiate their appetite for a bargain.

Take the quiz below and find out which type of shopper you are

TK Maxx Shopper Personality Quiz

Who do you prefer to go shopping with?

  • A - With a partner or friend
  • B - On my own
  • C - With a group of friends

How do you choose the clothes you buy?

  • A - I plan in advance and look at websites and fashion blogs
  • B - I don’t follow fashion, I forget my own style
  • C - I follow trends and take a look at what celebs have been wearing recently

How would you define your perfect shopping trip?

  • A - One where I find some unexpected bargains
  • B - One where I buy the item I’ve had my eye on
  • C - One where I have a good time with my friends

Do you always get what you set out to buy?

  • A - Yes – I plan my trip so that I know where to get it from
  • B - No, but I always manage to get something that works for me
  • C - No – sometimes I don’t manage to get anything but I spot something that might look good on my friend

When you find an amazing deal or bargain, do you tell your friends?

  • A - Yes, but mainly to show off!
  • B - No, I keep it a secret in case they try to copy me
  • C - Of course – I can’t wait to tell them

When you find an item of clothing you like, how important is a second opinion?

  • A - Reasonably, but not the be all and end all
  • B - Not at all
  • C - Very

How do you feel if you don’t get what you want?

  • A – Disappointed
  • B - Irritated
  • C - Don’t mind if I’ve had a good day


Mostly As - The ‘Hunter Gatherista’

  • Plans shopping trips with military precision and detail
  • Bargain Hunter – craves the adrenaline and thrill of uncovering a bargain
  • Likes foraging for items
  • Competitive – wants to come away with the best ‘loot’ and boast to friends

Mostly Bs - The ‘Lone Wolf’

  • Woman on a mission – nothing will get in her way when it comes to getting what she’s after
  • Independent – doesn’t follow the pack, creates their own style
  • Views shopping as a ‘secret mission’ – doesn’t invite friends to make sure she snaps up the best bargains
  • Often sly/unwilling to give away details of where they get their purchases
  • from to avoid being copied

Mostly Cs - The ‘Pack Hunter’

  • Likes to follow trends
  • Is after the whole ‘shopping experience’ outing with friends
  • Prefers the reassurance of a second opinion from friends than going it alone
  • A successful shopping trip is a great day out with friends