We’re planting 22,242 trees in Wales in partnership with the Woodland Trust

We are donating all the money raised in our Wales stores through the Welsh Assembly’s single use carrier bag charges to our long term charitable partner the Woodland Trust. This will enable communities across Wales to plant 22,242 trees at community planting events this autumn.

The Woodland Trust provides free tree planting packs for schools and community groups to help support their ambition to double the amount of native woodland in the UK, to benefit wildlife, people and the environment.

If you’re interested in applying for a tree planting pack, please visit the Woodland Trust website

To date we have raised over £700,000 for the woodland trust. Together we have planted over 131,000 trees across the UK, enabled 254 communities to plant trees locally, and helped over 13,250 children to get out into the woods to learn about the value of our natural environment.

Welsh Single Use Carrier Bag Sales - 7 April 2012 - 6 April 2013

Charge to customers for single use carrier bags
Number of chargeable single use carrier bags supplied: 533,825.00
Gross amount received from chargeable single use carrier bags £26,691.25
Gross amount received by way of the charge £26,691.25
Less VAT -£4,448.54
Net proceeds £22,242.71