Driving the carbon agenda

Daily deliveries of the best brands and quality items mean customers can always get a fresh fashion fix.

TThanks to our innovative green logistics programme, it also means customers' favourite labels are not only good value; they also don't come with a high environmental price tag.

  • We have a "green clause" with our logistics partner and together continually work on new ideas to increase the fuel efficiency of our vehicles to reduce costs and their impact on the environment.
  • We've got double decked lorries so we can fit in even more great fashion and homeware, reducing the carbon cost per item.
  • Over half of our delivery trucks have aerodynamic body shaping. Being aerodynamic is not only about looking gorgeous, it saves fuel and reduces carbon emissions by up to 10%.
  • Our truck drivers have technology to help them drive more smoothly, which means we can drive 5% further on every litre of fuel we use.
  • We look for like-minded retailers to join us to keep lorries full of stock, not air, and keep unnecessary mileage down - saving us approximately 50,000 km a year.
  • We've given our trucks a nose job: by putting a ‘nose cone’ on our big trucks, this streamlines their shape and reduces wind resistance, increasing fuel economy and saving an estimated 159 tonnes of carbon per year.
  • Our dual fuel trucks use LPG as well as diesel. These trucks have been designed to reduce our carbon emissions by at least 9 tonnes each year.