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TK Maxx
Environment - Managing our carbon footprint

Buildings' electricity represents over 70% of our carbon footprint, so we're always looking for clever ways to reduce this while maintaining a great shopping environment.

Our efforts in the UK have been recognised by the Carbon Trust Standard Company, which certified our UK stores and operations with the Carbon Trust Standard in 2010 2011 and 2013 for year on year carbon reduction.

  • We're setting up all our stores so we can see their energy use instantly and take quick action where there are issues.
  • Since 2008, our in-store energy saving lighting scheme has reduced our carbon impact by up to 20%. And now we're after further savings with a new system we’re trialling.
  • When it comes to new builds and refits, we work with experts to develop exciting low carbon designs. Our processing centres in Bergheim, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland, feature not only ground-source heating, but solar and wind power too - our Bergheim Processing Centre has won a sustainability award.
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