Since 1985, Comic Relief has raised money to help people leading incredibly tough lives across the UK and Africa. The money you raise this Red Nose Day can help transform someone's life – here’s just a few of the ways your contribution could help.

In the UK

You’re never more than 30 miles away from a Comic Relief project in the UK.


could buy a range
of arts and crafts materials to
be used during counselling, to
help a bereaved child
in the UKexpress
their feelings and cope
with their grief.


could provide hot meals for
four children in the
UK living in
extreme poverty


could provide vital support for a
young woman who is being sexually
exploited, helping her stay safe and healthy, and
take the first steps towards a new life.


could provide vital information for 100
armed forces veterans who are experiencing
mental health problems, so they know where
to turn to for help


could provide a
nourishing meal for
ten children living on
the streets in


could revive a newborn baby in Tanzania when their breathing fails, by paying for a resuscitation bag and mask.


could provide a teacher to work with children who live on the streets in Kenya for two weeks, helping them gain the skills they need to build a better future.


could provide exercise books for four children living on the streets in Ghana, so they have the tools they need to go to school and start to build a better future.


could buy water tanks for two families living in poverty in South Africa, allowing them to grow vegetables that they can eat, and also sell on as an additional source of income.