Mum knows best. Really...

We got together a lovely bunch of money-savvy mums for our #shopsavvykids Twitter Party. And here are their top tips for shopping with children - from helping them work out the best value to expressing their individual little styles. Ah, bless.

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How to get your kids shopping smart...

Prepare to shop

Make a budget and stick to it. If they only need one pair of jeans, buy one pair. Great way of teaching kids money sense. @TheLazyGirlBlog

I explain to my girl what she needs Ė the sparkly dress might be nice but you need jeans! @sarahMo3W

Weíve started giving the kids a certain amount of money in the shops and they choose their own item. Great for teaching them budgeting.@jhowze

Learn while you shop

If I need more than 1 item, I ask my 2 year old to count as I pick item off the shelf. His numbers are improving! @petitmew

Pick out the treasures

I love looking for a bargain in @Tkmaxx_UK. Iíve managed to get some gorgeous bits for the kids and a lot cheaper too. @Missy_83

Think ahead

If you can afford it, buy the next size clothes in the sale for next year. Great for expensive items like coats. @ChelseaMamma

Get plain layering items, then you can buy brighter/patterned items to mix and match. @utterlyscrummy

If youíre not sure about buying something, walk away. If youíre still thinking about it 20 minutes later, then buy it. @lesleyannp1

Check washing instructions so you donít end up with something that needs dry cleaning every 5 minutes! @Sebsmummy

Layer, layer, layer

Buy layers. That way, you donít need to have separate winter/summer wardrobes. @dawnie_brown

Buy long sleeved tops to go under kids t-shirts and summer dresses, so they can wear them in winter too. @mummymondays

Buy lots of basics. Then you can mix and match with a few stand-out items. @MamaUndone

More tips from celeb saver Mrs. Moneypenny

Working mother of three. Former investment banker. Money-saving superstar on Channel 4ís popular SuperScrimpers. And hereís what this clever lady has to say about making kids more money-savvy.

  • Teach kids to recognise coins and ask for prices of things. Playing shop is a good way to do this
  • Saving up for something rather than buying it on credit Ė now thatís the single most useful skill parents can teach their kids.
  • Open a savings account with a physical book to encourage them to watch their savings grow.
  • Paying children for tasks is a good way to teach them the value of money.


Think kids donít know much about money? Think again. The recessionís created a new generation of super-savvy kids. These little ones know a lot about value and quality. Theyíre eagle eyed gem hunters, sniffing out the best deals on top brands. Hereís what we discovered at our TKMaxx Shoppers Study and our in-store focus group:

Kids are super savvy...

  • 55% 5-11 year olds know how to spot a deal.
  • 68% of kids check the price on labels before deciding to buy.
  • 43% of kids replace items with something cheaper if they go over budget.
  • 60% of parents think their kids are more aware of money than they were as children.

Mums know best!

62% of mums are responsible for teaching their kids about the value of money compared to just 27% of dads.

Shopping? Great way to teach kids about saving

  • 36% of parents make sure kids earn their shopping money by doing chores.
  • 82% of parents will tell their kids that some items are too expensive.
  • 64% of parents tell their kids the price of items, before buying them.