Find your perfect frames in 3 simple steps

Glasses or spectacles are an essential fashion accessory and they make just as important a style statement as your choice of handbag or shoes (whether you actually need them or not). Choosing the right optical frames for your face and look is a tricky business, so we’ve created this guide to buying glasses to make things easy for you. Also you could buy designer frames online right here & get them fitted at the opticians for great savings - look good, shop smart.


Pick the right frames for your face

First things first, you need to work out your face shape to determine what frames will work for you.
You can do this by taking a photo of yourself directly facing the camera and using a piece of tracing paper to sketch your outline. Or you can use an erasable pen (or even some lipstick) to trace your face on the mirror. Once you have worked out your shape, you can then find the perfect frames to suit you.

  • OVAL shaped face
    oval faces
    should go for statement frames
    Frames for OVAL shaped face

  • SQUARE shaped face
    SQUARE faces
    should go for oval or round frames
    Frames for SQUARE shaped face

  • round shaped face
    round faces
    should go for angular frames
    frames for round shaped face

  • rectangular shaped face
    rectangular faces
    should go for statement frames
    frames for rectangular shaped face


Products featured are for your inspiration and may have sold out. But you’ll find many more similar styles on


Buy the right size

If you look on the inside of your glasses, you'll find a number that looks like this: 52▢18-135
This information shows you:

  • The lens diameter
    This is the width of the lens measured from the bridge.

    The bridge width
    This is the width of the lens measured from the bridge.

    The length of the arm
    This is the width of the lens measured from the bridge.
  • Frame guide


get your lenses fitted

Once you have chosen your perfect frames, take them down to your local optician and get your prescription lenses fitted. Remember, it’s important to get your eyes checked at least every two years not only for your sight but your general eye health, so make sure you book your appointment.

Frame recycle logo

Donate your old glasses to charity

If you have any old glasses, there are charities that will recycle them in an environmentally friendly way and use the money to support optical programmes overseas.