As fashion's focus falls on sharp tailoring, we celebrate the cornerstone of every man's wardrobe: the suit. Formalwear, whether it's classic black, smart navy or subtle grey, is just as relevant in the office as it is off-duty or at a special occasion like a wedding, so we've created a go-to tailoring guide. With everything from different styles of men's suits (should it be two-piece or three-piece?), fabrics, constructions and more: this is the ultimate guide to refer to.

Styles of Suits

To ensure you choose the right style of suit, consider two things: which cut works best for your body shape, and how easily will it slot into the rest of your wardrobe?

  • Single-Button Suit

    This is the most slimming, not to mention contemporary, type of suit. The deep cut of the lapels streamlines your silhouette.

  • Two-Button Suit

    Versatile and easy, a two-button suit is the foundation piece for a number of outfits. Designed to be worn with the second button undone, it's an everyday staple.

  • Double Breasted

    An enduring classic, the double-breasted suit is a decidedly masculine option. The generous cut complements both casual attire and more formal ensembles.

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Try different textures

The fabric of your suit should change with the changing seasons: wool for the winter months and a lightweight cotton or linen mix for the summer months.

  • Plain weave

    Designed to have the same weave on the front and back, the plain weave is carefully constructed and lightweight in feel.

  • Herringbone

    Instantly recognisable, the herringbone weave has a striking chevron finish. Hard wearing and long-lasting, this ever-popular fabric is an easy way to make a statement.

  • Pinstripe

    A trusted classic, the pinstripe suit is neatly defined and elongates the body. Usually designed with two contrasting yarns, the finish is simple yet effective.

  • Prince of Wales

    Also known as 'glen plaid', this distinctive check usually in soft, muted tones incorporates stripes and cross-sections. A bold look best teamed with neutral shades.

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Construction Of A Suit

Suits for men are an investment, so it's worth noting just how the fabric has been treated. The three different techniques have a significant impact on how the suit fits, feels, and most importantly, lasts.

Full canvas

This is the most expensive option (usually reserved for men's designer suits), but for good reason. Canvas is sewn into the body of the jacket by hand, so it can freely float in between the outer layers of wool, and drape elegantly down the body.

Half canvas

Slightly more lightweight in feel, a half canvas finish sees the inner canvas hand sewn into the lining, providing a natural drape and more relaxed lapel.

Fully fused

A cost-effective option, fully fused suits have a layer of adhesive material inserted into the jacket's front panel and lapels. Despite these styles feeling slightly less fluid, the structure remains solid and firm.

The Perfect Fit

The real power of a good suit relies heavily on the all-important fit. With this in mind especially when buying men's suits online follow our top 5 tips to secure the best tailoring in town.

The jacket should sit comfortably across the shoulders and back without feeling tight or pulling in any way.

When the jacket is buttoned, the lapels should not gape.

The vents should lie flat when the jacket is done up.

The jacket sleeve should end at the wrist bone. For extra style points? Leave half an inch of the shirt cuff visible for a stylish contrast.

The trouser leg should rest on the shoe and the fabric should not fall more than once.

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