Whether it’s the comforting glow of a new scented candle, or the vibrant scent of a fresh fragrance, these stylish accessories always make a welcome addition to the home. From heady floral notes to punchy spicy scents, we explore the different types of aromas to try now and love forever.

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At the strike of a match your room is transformed. Aromatherapy candles provide instant warmth and fragrance to your home.

Reed Diffusers

Luxurious and elegant, diffusers use rich oils to ensure a long-lasting scent throughout your home.

Room sprays

Instantly filling a room with just a few spritzes, a versatile spray is a quick and easy way to refresh your surroundings.

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Floral, citrus, woody, sweet scent

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A fresh new fragrance is the perfect way to herald the start of another chapter. From sparkling citrus notes to powdery florals and woody scents, we highlight the diverse array of aromas to choose from.

Spring calls for fresh and floral scents – think lily of the valley, soft cotton and delicate rose.

The vibrancy of summer is perfectly captured by zingy citrus notes – try sharp citron, grapefruit and romantic cherry-blossom.

As dark evenings draw in, woody scents come to the fore during autumn. Opt for spicy ginger, fig and earthy driftwood.

With the festive season underway, rich nostalgic scents take pride of place in winter. Choose from sweet cinnamon, sandalwood and warm amber.

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fragrances last longer

Once you’ve chosen the perfect scent, it’s worth keeping your home fragrances in tip-top condition to ensure the aromas last as long as possible.

Maximise the burn time of scented candles by allowing the entire surface to liquefy before blowing out. Once extinguished, trim the candle’s wick to just below 1cm, ensuring that it doesn’t fall into the wax.

When using a diffuser, don’t use all the reeds at once. Simply tailor the number you use with the size of the room and how strong you’d like the fragrance to be. Also, turn over the reeds every so often to instantly refresh the aroma.

We hope you've enjoyed exploring our guide and are ready to turn your home into a fragrance haven....

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