Glassware buying guide

Glassware we hear you ask, surely a glass by any other name is still a glass?
Well, no it's not. Even very subtle variations in design and shape can determine how your drink will taste, so choosing the right style is an important business.
To make things simple, we've put together a complete guide to picking out the perfect set for you and your family. Cheers!

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Types of

Soda Glasses

Classic and inexpensive, these are your everyday drinking glasses ideal for juice and water.

Crystal Glasses

Crystal is glass that contains lead oxide, making it more resilient and easier to shape into delicate designs. Microscopically speaking (as we often do) the surface is slightly coarse, giving wines a heavier aroma.

Lead Crystal Glasses

Lead crystal is the clearest and the heaviest material, plus you get more sparkle. Sold!


This high-tech glassware has extra strength, clarity and resistance to the cloudiness which often arises from dishwasher use. Each piece is handmade, creating unique variations.


This traditional method tends to create thinner, smoother glass. The lightweight finish often has tiny bubbles and lines that give each piece an individual finish.


Free from heavy metals, this is a durable option that keeps its sparkle. Perfect for everyday use.

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Wine glasses

Ah, wine. Where would the world be without it? And when you serve it in a beautiful glass, it's doubly wonderful. Glassware is all about displaying the complexity of each wine and amplifying the overall experience. Indulge your passion for red, white & rose with our fine glasses.

  • White Wine

    White wine glasses are smaller and narrower, which allows them to maintain their chilled temperature for longer. There is also less need to aerate the wine.

  • Red Wine

    Red wine needs a wider, rounder bowl to allow it to breathe. This style of glass directs wine to the tip of the tongue.

  • Champagne Flute

    This tall, narrow shape maintains the bubbles in sparkling wines and pushes them to the surface. It also keeps the essential chill.

Occasion glasses

  • Cocktail Glass

    Designed for infinite variations of your favourite tipple, choose a short glass for intense flavours and a tall highball glass for longer drinks with extra mixers.

  • Shot Glass

    Used as a measurement for tall drinks or a short, sharp shot of spirit.

  • Snifter Glass

    Formed especially for aged spirits. When you cup the bulb of the glass, the warmth from your hand releases the rich aromas and flavours of the liquor.

  • Beer and Cider Glass

    Choose a tall, slender glass for a lager and a shorter, wider glass for bitter.

  • Decanter Glass

    Serve wine and spirits in a wide-bowled container that allows them to breathe. Crystal makes a classic finish.

  • Carafe Glass

    A great way to store and display, a carafe showcases a simple design that allows for smooth serving without affecting the taste of the drinks.

Caring is loving

  • Hand washing

    Rinse with warm water and remove all suds, making sure not to drain the glasses on their rims. Dry whilst still damp, using a clean, lint-free cloth.

  • Dishwashing

    Place glasses on the top shelf of the dishwasher leaving plenty of space between each glass. Use a low temperature setting and gentle detergent.

  • Storage

    To avoid damage, always store glasses upright and do not stack unless they have been specifically designed to do so.

So there you have it. We hope we've given you an insight into what to look for when it comes to your glassware (it's bound to impress at dinner parties).
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