“Espadrille?” We need a fashion dictionary, stat. Luckily, LOOK magazine marketing exec and blogger Lara Lain knows her footwear. Click on ‘Blogger Picks’ for her fashion bests.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Slingbacks Style type


      An above-the-ankle athletic shoes. Make us feel like asking strangers if they want to "shoot some hoops".

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: hi - top Style type


      Noun: Slingback. Sounds like: something from a cowboy movie… Backless shoes with a strap, popular since the 1930s

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Ankle boot Style type


      A boot that covers the ankle first worn around 1000BC by ancient nomads. Wonder whether they knew what an ‘investment piece’ is?

      Tkmaxx dress style type: Wedge trainer Style type


      Fashion hybrid alert: a trainer and a wedge.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: T bar Style type


      The strap is shaped like the letter ‘T’. Which begs the question: is there such a thing as an A,B,C,D,E…bar?

    • Tkmaxx dress style type:  Monk Style type


      A brogue with a buckle. Er, rename suggestion: “buckle brogue”, anyone?

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Mocasin Style type


      A leather shoe with embroidery or beading. Originally worn by North American tribes. Now worn by festivalgoers who think ‘tribe’ is trend by Matthew Williamson.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Plimsoll trouser Style type


      Rubber and canvas shoe. Originally beachwear. We know, we wouldn’t wear them to the beach either…

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Brogue trouser Style type


      Sturdy leather, named after holes known as “broguering”. Yes, we did think ‘hole-y shoe’ didn’t sound quite right…

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Creeper trouser Style type


      Fashion history lesson: worn by WWII soldiers in North Africa who ‘creeped’ at night. We’re not telling you their full name. Google and gape.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type:Chelsea boot Style type


      This mod-ish ankle boot’s been worn by everyone from Queen Victoria to Star Wars stormtroopers. Invented by a royal shoe-maker in the 1800s, it’s stylish elastic panel keeps returning to the catwalk. The Empire Strikes Back? We think so.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Court Style type


      Otherwise known as ‘pumps,’ any low-cut shoes without fastenings or straps are ‘courts’. Because fashion law dictates you must own some?

    • Tkmaxx dress style type:Loafer  Style type


      Low, laceless shoe. Comes from Norwegian cattle loafing. Glamorous

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Espadrille trouser Style type


      A sole made from rope. Perfect for looking like you’re on holiday. Staycation joy…

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Peep toe Style type

      PEEP TOE

      1940s leather, patent or satin heels that expose a small bit of toe. In everyday usage: “Do I look like Marilyn Monroe in these peep toes?”

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Flatform Style type


      Fashionistas are falling head over heels for this flat shoe/ platform mix. Mainly because we are still figuring out how to walk in them.