“Party at the front, business at the back” – which dress does this describe? Sequin and stud lovers Jade & Tara from explain dress styles to the masses. Just click on their ‘Blogger Picks’ for more...

    • Dress Style


      A dress with parts cut out. Thank goodness it’s for less…

    • Dress Style


      Meaning tight-fitted. Short for “body conscious”. Which is exactly how it makes us feel…

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Tea Dress Style


      Unstructured, light dress. Originally a corset-less Victorian gown worn for tea at home. Making room for the biccies – we like.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Hi-LoDress Style


      To maxi or not to maxi? This short at the front, long at the back dress was invented for such fashion dilemmas.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Skater Dress Style


      Flared and flirty, inspired by figure skating. So short we’ve considered wearing it with the skater leotard too.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type:  Shift Dress Style


      A straight dress with a 1960s silhouette. Think Jackie O-so-classic.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Bandeau Dress Style


      Strapless. Often associated with stretchy modern fabrics. And cheeky checks when no one’s looking.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Maxi Dress Style


      As opposed to mini – simply a long dress. Can also come with a leg-revealing ‘Angelina Jolie’ split. All those years of red carpet pose practice? Legitimate time spend.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Smock Dress Style


      A loose-fitting linen dress, associated with artists. Paint? Oh no, it’s not going anywhere near ours.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Peplum Dress Style


      Greek origin, meaning tunic. Now means a big ruffle at the waistline and tight manoeuvring at tube exits.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Pencil Dress Style


      A dress with a straight slim-fit skirt popularised by Dior.
      May impede walking.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Emellished Dress Style


      If you need to put on your designer sunglasses just to see yourself in the mirror, you’ve got it right. The more sequins, applique and
      gemstones - the better.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Empireline Dress Style


      This 18th-century style has a line just under the bust. Excuse us, while we perform a Pride & Prejudice re-enactment in our living room…

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Babydoll Dress Style


      A short loose-fit on spaghetti straps, originally worn as negligee. Confusingly, nothing to do with babies.

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Sweetheart Dress Style


      Type of neckline that makes a heart-like shape around the bosom. We just said the word “bosom”….

    • Tkmaxx dress style type: Wrap Dress Style


      1972 Diane von Furstenberg jersey dress you knot at the front. Note: knotting too tightly or loosely can lead to complications.