"Cocoon coat" – fashion term or something from a nature programme? Online fashionista Tor Brierley has your coat questions covered – and all you need to do is click on her 'Blogger Picks'. "The smart female in the cocoon coat waits to pounce"? Quite.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Biker


      Buckled leather jacket. That bad girl attitude without the antisocial behaviour.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: MAC


      A rubberised raincoat invented by Charles Macintosh in the 1800s. His early experiments smelled and melted in hot weather. And we thought macs were rather elegant...

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: COCOON


      A 1957 invention of Balenciaga which resembles a cocoon. With a beautiful butterfly inside, of course.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: BAR JACKET


      Formal peplum coat Dior intended for cocktail hour. Could he please make one for rush hour too?

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: SWING


      Wide parachute-like jacket which ‘swings’ away from the body. Note: british weather considered, it may blow away from the body entirely.

    • trench Coat Style


      A more heavy-duty raincoat made of poplin, wool or leather. Military via Burberry.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Puffer Coat Style


      Ultra-warm waxed coat with scrunchy, pillow-like panels. Makes you feel like a bouncer – feel the power.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Pea Coat Style

      PEA COAT

      As we suspected – absolutely nothing to do with veg. The ultimate nautical coat with big lapels, a double breast and big buttons.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Bomber Coat Style


      A pilot jacket in either brown leather and sheepskin or nylon. Can someone put the Top Gun soundtrack on, please?

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Kimono Coat Style


      T-shaped Japanese wrap. Very good for pretending one is all grace and zen-ness. Not good for doing the dishes- watch the long silky sleeves.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Quilted Coat Style


      A country warmer with pockets of down feathers. No, not a duvet. Highly fashionable press-stud jacket, popularized by Barbour est.1894.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Duffle Coat Style


      Named after a type of cloth, this toggle coat is favoured by indie fashionistas. And Paddington Bear.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Parka Coat Style


      A hooded brit pop anorak with waterproofing, fur and fish tail. Don’t look back in anger because you’ll get an awkward hood-in-face situation.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: LONGLINE


      A long word for ‘long’. Fashion speak baffles once again.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Blazer Coat Style


      Preppy staple, derived from sea-faring uniforms. Note to self: stay away from rowing clubs during wear. Or learn to row just in case.

    • Tkmaxx coat jacket style: Tweed Coat Style


      Must-have heritage, often in plaid design. Fashion rule of thumb: if it’s woolly and makes you think of Sherlock Holmes, it’s probably tweed.