Enable Ireland:

Since 1997 TK Maxx has helped Enable Ireland support children and young people with disabilities with over €1.6million raised to date. These funds have helped Enable Ireland support over 4,500 children with disabilities and their families in local communities in 14 counties.

Give Up Clothes For Good, Ireland’s biggest charity clothes collection:

Give Up Clothes for Good is Ireland’s biggest charity clothes collection and in March 2015 alone, our customers and associates raised over €100,000 worth of donations to support children with disabilities and their families in local communities.
For the sixth year running, we will once again be calling on shoppers and employees across Ireland to dig deep into their wardrobes and donate their unwanted clothing, accessories and household items at any TK Maxx store from mid-February throughout the year to raise funds to help Enable Ireland take action for children with disabilities.

The campaign will run all year round with permanent donation boxes in stores, giving people more opportunities to donate,

All your donations will go to Enable Ireland, where they will be sold to raise funds supporting vital services for children with disabilities across Ireland.

Enable Ireland’s services for children and their families cover all aspects of a child's physical, educational, and social development from early infancy through adolescence.

Enable Ireland supports children with disabilities to achieve independence, choice and inclusion in their communities.

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