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Julie - Distribution

Without people like Julie, our stores wouldn't have half as much variety.

I'm Julie, and I'm the assistant general manager of Stoke processing centre. I take responsibility for the whole site, including around 500 people.

Processing is all about receiving stock and making it store ready. That means unpacking, ticketing and hanging stock ready to give freshness to the stores and ultimately drive sales. My main aim is to motivate and develop the management team, and keep the environment we work in highly efficient and successful.

Working for TK Maxx has allowed me to discover my potential, as I've always been given opportunities to progress. When I joined the company I would never have dreamed that I'd come this far. I joined at supervisor level but people believed in me, and as a result, I've moved up five positions in as many years.

The great thing about where I work is that it's an ever-changing environment, and there are always new challenges to overcome. It never stands still, we're always improving, and we're always investing more into making things better.

If I was to advise somebody on coming and joining TK Maxx, I would say to them that you need to be very committed and up for a challenge, plus willing to work hard. It might sound like a lot, but if you are that type of person, there are all sorts of great opportunities for you at TK Maxx.

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