Distribution centres

Distribution Locations

For our unique retail concept to work, it's crucial that our supply chain is every bit as dynamic as
our Buyers on one side and our stores on the other. The quicker we can get merchandise to our stores, the quicker it can be sold, and the more new products our buyers can bring in to keep our customers happy.

With that in mind, we've developed a highly sophisticated approach to warehousing, distribution and logistics, with an extremely short supply chain channeled through five main Processing Centres and a network of Logistics Centres and Cross-Docking Centres.

At our Processing Centres, merchandise has its transit packaging removed, and is generally prepared for sale. Individual orders are then dispatched to the Logistics Centres and Cross-Docking Centres, for regular delivery to our stores.

Processing Centres are
located in:

  • Stoke, UK
  • Walsall, UK
  • Wakefield, UK
  • Bergheim, Germany
  • Wroclaw, Poland

Logistics Centres are located in:

  • Hatfield, UK
  • Rochdale, UK
  • Walsall, UK
  • Bergheim, Germany

Cross-Docking Centres are located across the UK  


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