Cancer Research UK

We're the biggest corporate support of research into children's cancers in the UK, helping fund pivotal clinical trials for life-saving treatments.

Our customers have helped us raise over £27 million for Cancer Research UK since 2004, of which, £23 million has gone towards helping beat kids’ cancer.

This includes pivotal clinical trials testing new, potentially life-saving drugs.

Give Up Clothes for Good, the UK’s biggest clothing collection
TK Maxx and Cancer Research UK have been running a joint clothing collection campaign since 2004. Together, we’ve already raised £27 million – £23 million of which has gone into research to help beat children’s cancer, making TK Maxx the biggest corporate funder of research into children’s cancers in the UK.

This year we will once again be calling on shoppers and employees across the UK to dig deep into their wardrobes and donate their unwanted clothing, accessories and quality homewear at any TK Maxx store from mid-February throughout the year for Cancer Research UK, to raise funds and help beat kids’ cancer sooner.

Many of the world's most successful trials of children's cancer treatments have been funded by Cancer Research UK.

In the 1960s, only around 1 in 4 children with cancer urvived. Today, almost 3 in 4 survive – and Cancer Research UK is at the heart of this huge progress. But there’s still more work to do.

Currently, cancer is the highest cause of children’s death in the UK; four children a day will be told they have the disease. Which is why we need your help. Cancer Research UK’s work is funded entirely by the public, but with your support, it can continue its groundbreaking research to help even more children survive.

The campaign runs all year round, giving people more opportunities to donate , raising more funds for Cancer Research UK and helping to beat kids’ cancers sooner. All the money raised will help fund research into children's cancers.

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